Architecture of Anglo-swiss Tower Clock

Anglo Swiss Analog Tower Clocks are in the combination of Mechanical & Electronic Time Systems. Behind each dial of the clock, the mechanical portion of the clock system is fitted with gear box fitted with solid state mechanical moving part driven by stepper motors which are driving the hands of the clock. The gears are made of hardened full steel and bronze fitted on main plates and bottom plates. Center wheel torque can carry weight 10 kg to 100 kg depending on the size of the clock. The whole mechanical portion of the clock is encased in steel cover to protect from dust. These mechanical movements are connected individually to timer controller panel (micro processors based) which will receive twenty seconds impulse signal from timer with GPS facility. The timing on the all faces of the clock are synchronized automatically as per local standard time.

Tower Clock Operating Temperature

The timer system operates satisfactorily between temperatures from 0° C to 60° C.

Required Power Supply

The input AC power should be 220V ± 10V, 50/60 HZ single phase power supply which charges 12V, 7AMP SMF Batteries for the working of the clock. In case of power failures the clock will work continuously for 48 to 72 as per back-up power reserve.

Materials Used for Dials

The dials of clock are usually white made of high density Acrylic translucent sheets. The figure on dials can be in Roman or numerical in black vinyl pasted & laminated coated. The dials will be mounted / supported by heavy FRP or dia cast metal ring. Big dials are usually not covered with glass. Translucent dials can be back lit with lights for night visibility with auto switch timer.


The clocks are fully weather proof and can withstand all climatical conditions.

Other Options

Striking sound system is optioned (at extra cost) with musical chime and hourly striking which can be pre-programmed as per pre-defined timings.

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